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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
5 January 2023, 12:57

Eric Prydz ‘Opus’ vinyl sells for $2105 on Discogs

The record garnered a huge price tag for second time in six months

Eric Pyrdz Opus Discogs

A limited edition vinyl copy of the Eric Prydz LP 'Opus' has sold through Discogs for $2,105.

The Swedish producer and DJ's debut album first landed via Virgin Records in 2016, featuring singles Every Day', 'Liberate', 'Generate', 'Breathe', and the title track, which later received a sprawling remix from Four Tet.

This is the second time 'Opus' has appeared in a Discogs Most Expensive Items list recently, having sold for $2,000 last August

Despite the cost, the latest sale only ranked as the 21st highest price paid for a record on Discogs in November 2022. 'Peace In The World', a 1975 EP by Michael Cosmic, brought in $8,000 alone, topping the leaderboard at more than double the next highest price paid — $3,657 for The Montclairs' 7", 'Hey You! Don't Fight It!'

Elsewhere in the same month, 'Transitions', an album by Estes Brothers, was bought for $3,499, one person spent $3,232 on Nirvana's rare 1988 double single, 'Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese', and the top five was rounded out by Carol Anderson, whose 'Taking My Mind Off / I'm Not Worried' sold for $2,804. 

In December, it was announced that vinyl had outsold CDs in the UK over the course of 2022 — the first time this has

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The world’s first festival designed purely for vinyl enthusiasts is set to launch next year

happened in 35 years, netting £116.8million in total, and continuing a trend that saw the format hit a 30 year sales high in Britain during 2021. That year, more copies of music were sold on wax than CD in the US.