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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
3 March 2022, 14:24

Ferry Corsten announces live trance project, What The F

Dates are confirmed for London and a host of US cities in spring and summer 2022

Ferry Corsten What the F

Ferry Corsten has announced a new live trance project, 'What the F', which begins with a live show at Ministry of Sound, London, on 6th May. 

The performance will feature music spanning the artist's career "rehashed, remixed, and reinvented" with a futuristic approach. However, this won't take the form of a chronological retrospective, and instead promises fans a deep dive into Corsten's near-innumerable aliases. 

“Over the years, I have become enchanted by the diverse range of all this music I’ve made. Much of which I’ve never played out live. From house to progressive to more tech-y sounds to stuff many people probably have no idea I made or make," said Corsten. 

“I’ve always wanted to do an open-to-close show exclusively with my own material. I’ve been down the classics sets route, even done producer sets with specific aliases, but ‘What The F’ could I do with all this music together in one night? And then it hit me, ‘What would an open-to-close repertoire set be like if I re-worked all this material',” he continued. 

Following the UK date, Corsten will take 'What the F' to the US, with shows at Stereo Live in Dallas and Houston (3/6 and 4/6), Denver Summit (17/9), Quantum in Brooklyn (18/6), San Francisco Midway (12/8), LA Exchange (13/8), Soundcheck Washington DC (19/8), and Prysm in Chicago (20/8). 

Last year, a trance history encyclopaedia was released, 'Hypnotised', charting the sound from 1990 to 2005. This summer, Ibiza institution Amnesia will celebrate 20 years of the movie 'Kevin & Perry Go Large', released at the height of trance's popularity in Europe, with two parties set for June and September.