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Floorplan announce new album on Aus Music, ‘Supernatural’

Robert Hood and Lyric's new LP will drop on Will Saul's esteemed label... 

Floorplan have announced a new album on Aus Music, ‘Supernatural’. 

The duo— AKA minimal techno pioneer Robert Hood and his vocalist daughter Lyric— have put out two previous albums, 'Paradise' in 2013 and 'Victorious' three years later. Both define their sound, which veers from Hood's bare bones futurism and instead focuses on gospel-influenced, high-energy celebratory cuts. 

'Supernatural' will arrive via Will Saul's coveted Aus Music imprint on 8th November. Ahead of the release the pair will play Amsterdam's ADE in October. Lyric made her first foray into solo work with July's 'Nineteen/11:11' EP, while Hood played a sunset house and disco set during DJ Mag's Best of North America awards a month earlier.