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Flume announces new music to come in 2019

Australian artist promises return via Instagram...

It’s been a hot minute, or three years now to be exact, since Flume released his last album ‘Skin’, and while 2017 saw an EP, ‘Skin Companion EP II’, 2018 was drier than an Australian summer.

Closing out the year, however, the Sydney born artist posted “Cheers 2018” on an Instagram post from the east coast of Australia, near Brisbane, before adding, “Next year I’ll be back in your life, I promise.”

The last six years of his success on label Future Classic were celebrated in two 45 minute documentaries available exclusively on Apple Music. He also collaborated with Greenpeace Australia to bring awareness to damage of the Great Barrier Reef.

Watch footage of Flume DJing Burning Man with Diplo here, an experience that Australian officials spent £15,000 of tax payers money to attend.