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DJ Mag Ibiza gives US-born producer Lauren Lane a quick buzz to find out her summer plans, favourite Ibiza clubs and filming her first music video...

When DJ Mag dial up Lauren Lane, she’s relaxing under a tree on the White Isle, shading herself from the heat of the Mediterranean sun — it’s alright for some, eh? Her tone is leisurely to say the least, perhaps not what you’d expect of a DJ entering only her third Ibiza season, but Lane is just taking it all in her stride. 

She’s always been something of a free spirit; since her early days in Philadelphia, sneaking out to watch Josh Wink play at Fluid, she’s done whatever she can in her pursuit of music, making homes of New York City and LA before demand for her skills shifted her lifestyle to that of a nomad. 

“I know there’s a lot of politics that go on in Ibiza,” says Lane, “so I’m happy to just navigate and do my thing, not really step on anyone’s toes, play music, be happy and have a really good time.” 

This year she’s booked in at Ushuaia, Destino, Space and her personal favourite, DC10. “People there aren’t trying to be cool or look nice or whatever,” she says of the latter, “it’s all about the music, so to play there is an honour.” 

She’ll be spinning with Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones and label-mate Richy Ahmed as part of their popular Paradise party at DC10, alongside Alan Fitzpatrick, Riva Starr, Carl Craig and Guy Gerber. 

Music and the community around it are of the utmost importance to Lane; she’s proud to have been a student of the late, great NYC promoter Rob Fernandez, and a part of LA’s blossoming dance scene over the past few years, helping the city’s taste for tech-house flourish with her own minimal, sultry brand. Lane’s first release came through Visionquest after a serendipitous meeting with vocalist Jaw at a Seth Troxler party, whilst her most recent effort, ‘Diary Of A Madwoman’, is out via Eats Everything’s Edible bEats label.


The release has given Lane her first shot at a music video; filmed around the “freezing” streets of NYC, the clip was produced by Michelangelo Pinto of the Energea music school, who Lane believes is a key part of the city’s creative community.

“I don’t think a video is the be all and end all, but I think there’s definitely a lot of self-expression that can go on beyond just the music, and the more people you can get involved in your craft, it just makes everybody else elevate,” she tells DJ Mag Ibiza. 

Lane’s video is available to stream online now, and watch out for her releases on Saved and 20/20 Vision this summer.

Words: Ben Hindle