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Ghostface Killah putting out unreleased '90s lyrics as NFTs

It's not yet confirmed when they will drop or how many will be minted

Ghostface Killah is stepping into the world of NFTs.

The rapper has told Rolling Stone that his forthcoming set of tokens will be based around previously unheard and unreleased lyrics that he wrote during the '90s. It's not yet been revealed, however, when exactly the NFTs will be made available, nor how many will be minted. They will be made available through the artist-focused platform S!NG, which he says he chose as "they gave him the best offer and he felt they were the most artist-friendly".

He came up with the idea to include unreleased lyrics, he said, when he was prepping for the 25th anniversary of his debut solo album, 'Ironman'. Looking though his archive of notebooks, he came across a set of lyrics that never made it on to released tracks, and saw potential in including them as part of an NFT set-up.

He also told Rolling Stone that he has plans to extend his presence in the NFT and cryptocurrency market further in the future, having also already launched his own cryptocurrency. 

"We'll see how it goes," he said in the interview. "If I want to do more of these longer-term, there's a lot of options I can do. Music, art, or in this case, some of my lyrics, there’s a lot we can do, so I have to do some experimenting and find out what works. But for this one, people are going to get a vintage rhyme from Ghostface."

Earlier in 2021, Wu-Tang Clan's one-of-a-kind album 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' was bought for $4 million by the crypto group PleasrDAO. When asked for his take on that sale by Rolling Stone, Ghostface said: "I'm just going to be straight up, I don't give a fuck about that album. I don't care who sold it or the owner now, I've got nothing to do with that shit, and that album didn't affect my decision to do any of this. I'm just releasing a rap sheet of my own music."

In November, Ghostface and Raekwon dropped a new collaborative track, 'Bob James Freestyle'.