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Declan McGlynn
18 March 2022, 11:25

There's a metaverse techno festival happening in Paris this weekend

DVS1, Blawan, Helena Hauff, Rodhad, Dasha Rush and more are taking part

There's a metaverse techno festival happening in Paris this weekend

Technology and “techno concept” VISIV is launching their first event The Future Is Now in Paris this Saturday, March 19th. The hybrid real-world/virtual event will feature a heavyweight line-up including DVS1, Blawan, Helena Hauff, Dasha Rush and Ben Klock. 

Taking place at Paris La Défense Arena on Saturday, 19th March, the event combines a real-world party at the sprawling venue, alongside a ‘metaverse’ alternative, linking up with SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, where attendees can experience the event through a VR headset. 

The concert will also coincide with a series of NFTs curated by some of the DJs who are performing, with 3D models representing every artist on the line-up. The NFTs, while being a one-of-one, will be sold in a fractionalised way so many people can own the same NFT. VISIV say a percentage of revenue from the NFT will be given back to the artists involved. 

A second type of NFT is also being auctioned as part of the event, with the brand’s own visual identity while a third offers exclusive to “relive the experience over and over in the metaverse, and a percentage of the sales will form another revenue stream for DJs.” 

Tickets for the hybrid event are still on sale and if you want to get involved in any of the NFT drops you can do so here.