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Glastonbury to host set from mysterious acid house DJ, Klaus Blatter

But just who the hell is he? 

Glastonbury makes its return today after a fallow year, bringing the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Stormzy, The Black Madonna and many, many, many more to Worthy Farm. There's one name on the bill, however, that doesn't seem to fit in: Klaus Blatter.

In an email to DJ Mag, the mysterious acid house DJ claims to be “a pivotal influence on the development of electronic music… [whose] name is absent from the history books”. We've never never heard of him, though, and as far as we're concerned, acid house was pioneered by Chicago acts like Phuture, aka DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb J and Armando, while names such as S’Express and 808 State popularised the genre in the UK. 

Upon Googling Klaus Blatter, this “pioneer of acid house” seems to be a fantasy — there’s no trace of him anywhere online. In this era of fake news, maybe anybody can craft a vaguely credible backstory and claim to be the inventor of acid house? 

Glastonbury have booked in Blatter's "comeback gig" for the Glade arena this Saturday, however, and his “comeback single”, ‘(I Find Myself Surrounded By) The Lunatics Of Acid House’ — a tale of clubbing misadventure, set to an acid house backdrop — is out on Friday 28th June on Sunday Best Recordings. 

Maybe there is more to this Klaus character than meets the eye. All will be revealed this Saturday.