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Hercules announce new two-channel controller: DJcontrol InPulse 500

The new controller features add-ons to help DJs learn to mix

Hercules has announced a new controller – the DJcontrol InPulse 500. The two-channel unit features full six-inch jogs, three-band EQ per channel, dedicated filter and FX knob for each channel, an aux input and eight performance on each side, with cue, loop, slicer and sampler modes. There’s a few special features that are aimed at new or beginner DJs too, including Assistant button, an ‘energy’ meter and Beat Align LEDs. 

The Assistant button loads a playlist, similar to rekordbox’s Related Tracks that shows what will work with the currently playing track, based on key, bpm and ‘energy’, a metric that Hercules’ own software DJUCED analyses based on frequency content and volume. It also works within Beatport LINK, which comes built into DJUCED. The main Browse knob also measures Energy, using a three-colour LED ring to indicate the energy of the currently playing track across green, yellow or red. 

A special Beat Align LED below each jog wheel shows when a track is ‘in sync’ and when it’s not, and whether you need to push the jog back or pull it forward, via a red LED arrow. The unit comes with Serato Lite and Hercules’s DJUCED, and for a limited time, if you order the InPulse 500 through Thomann, you’ll get a free copy of Serato Pro. More details on that here

Find out more about the controller in our exclusive First Look video below.