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The fabric-backed label marks 3rd anniversary with compilation

Houndstooth will release a compilation featuring new music from each artist on their roster to mark their 3rd anniversary.

‘Tessellations’, the label’s 50th release, compiles 14 new tracks from Call Super, Throwing Snow and Marquis Hawkes among others.

Houndstooth are also planning a trio of events to celebrate: taking over Room 2 of fabric on 20th February, a live showcase at Shacklewell Arms on 25th February and a night at Berghain on 26th February.

‘Tessellations’ is out on 26th February. Watch a video preview below.


CD 1
01. Aïsha Devi - Sheen Saker
02. Snow Ghosts - Undertow
03. 18+ - Guards
04. Guy Andrews - Salem Remains
05. Soft as Snow - Brainliquid
06. Call Super - New Life Tone (Rue d’Awakening Mix)
07. Throwing Snow - Elixir

CD 2
01. House of Black Lanterns - Everything
02. Akkord - Vector
03. Special Request - Live from Alpha Centauri
04. Second Storey - Elephant Ride
05. Shift Work - Hard Currency
06. _Unsubscribe_ - Bend Down
07. Marquis Hawkes - Can’t Stop