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Ibiza's superclubs want authorities to clamp down on unlicensed villa parties

“It's time to end this harmful image..."

When the clubs close in the early hours in Ibiza, clubbers naturally want to carry on the party at one of Ibiza's many famous villa parties.

Whilst that doesn't sound all that problematic, some of Ibiza's biggest clubs have asked for local authorities to clamp down on these increasingly popular villa parties, which have now become heavily organised unlicensed parties, quite often for profit.

The Leisure Association Of Ibiza recently issued a statement, reported by Dario De Ibiza, demanding for "greater hardship against illegal parties, a fact that unfortunately is not new on the island.”

The statement notes that the villa parties are often magnets for anti-social behaviour, prostitution and drugs.

And they're all calling on authorities to "end this harmful image that is repeated every summer".

Holidaymakers who frequent villa parties would argue that there's nothing wrong with carrying on the party at a private villa and it's just another example of Ibiza's superclubs trying to stifle competition.

So far authorities in Ibiza have handed out €84,000 in fines to owners of private homes for organising large format parties that causes significant noise disturbances to their neighbours.

The statement is just another example of Spanish authorities trying to curb some of Ibiza's hedonisitc image after authorities told beach-side bars that they can no long play music outside and can no longer book DJs.