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Iceland is offering to pay artists 25% of expenses to record there

If the setting is good enough for Bjarki and Bjork it's probably good enough for you

Iceland is offering to pay artists 25% of their expenses if they make a record in the country.

The initiative, logically named 'Record In Iceland', is the brainchild of Iceland Music, the department that oversees musical exports. To be eligible players must produce a recording of more than 30-minutes which is released within 18 months of leaving the studio. 

“Because of our glorious isolation, Iceland has nurtured quite a unique music culture,” Iceland Music managing director Sigtryggur Baldursson told Billboard. “But as well as developing a nation of poets and musicians, we also have a network of first-class recording studios, each with their own idiosyncrasies.”

The nation already has an impressive track record for producing both music and musicians, not least considering its small size and population— from Bjork, who shared her latest video, 'Losss', this summer, to producers such as DJ Mag interviewee Bjarki and Kuldaboli. Take a watch of the 'Record In Iceland' video below to find out how to follow suit.