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Innervisions Paris party at new venue Terminal 7

H A ï K U to co-host the 10-hour rave...

Innervisions have partnered up with local promoters H A ï K U for a party on Saturday 21st April at recently redesigned venue Terminal 7 in Paris.

Along with head honchos Dixon and Âme’s Kristian Beyer, the line-up consists of a Trikk DJ set, a Henrik Schwarz live performance and a live/DJ hybrid set from Berlin-based Perel.

The venue over looks the city’s skyline and houses a newly installed soundsystem. The Innervision’s team are also set to add their own unique elements of production to the space.

The much-loved label revealed news of the party after recent announcements about their summer ventures in Barcelona — more information can be found on the Innervisions Facebook.

Tickets can be purchased here. Read our story on a new festival at Disneyland Paris here.