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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
3 February 2022, 14:05

Jana Rush announces new mini-album on Planet Mu, ‘Dark Humor’

Check out the video for ‘Lonely ft DJ Paypal’ now

Jana Rush announces new mini-album on Planet Mu, ‘Dark Humor’

Jana Rush has announced a new mini-album, 'Dark Humor', which will land on 25th March via Planet Mu. 

The record follows on from the Chicago footwork and experimental electronic producer's critically acclaimed second LP, 'Painful Enlightenment', released through the same label in 2021. Opening the scoring with the track 'Lonely', featuring DJ Paypal, a video directed by Wills Glasspiegel has been unveiled to accompany the first tune from the forthcoming long-form release.

"'Lonely' was shot largely on Lower Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago in 2021. It's an iconic space for several reasons that may not be apparent to someone less familiar with Chicago. LWD is the main artery for the vast space that is underneath downtown Chicago and all the skyscrapers. It's a city below the city that's notoriously difficult to navigate," said Glasspiegel. 

"Cell service often doesn't reach there well. Drivers constantly end up lost down and turned around. I was thinking of the underground space as the deep subconsciousness of Chicago. The original Muzic Box where Ron Hardy came to greatness in the 80s was located right nearby... So there's a sense of house music history that's rooted there in that labyrinthian space," he continued, explaining the location is also now used for illegal drag races "semi-regularly". 

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