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Marissa Cetin
18 July 2023, 14:17

Jay-Z exhibition, The Book of Hov, launches at Brooklyn Public Library

The free multimedia archival presentation, featuring original masters, unseen photography, clothing and more, is open now for a limited time

Jay-Z exhibition, The Book of Hov, launches at Brooklyn Public Library
Credit: Brooklyn Public Library (Facebook)

Brooklyn Public Library is hosting a limited-run Jay-Z exhibition, titled The Book of Hov. 

The multimedia archival exhibition, open from July 14th at the Central Library branch at Grand Army Plaza, presents original masters, previously unseen photography, performance clothing, awards and video footage, plus various objects "from every facet on Jay'Z’s professional life". It's produced by Jay-Z's Roc Nation. 

"Our goal, with The Book of Hov tribute exhibition, is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a Hall of Fame songwriter and performer, successful business person, and a consequential philanthropist who has never forgotten the lessons he learned on the road to success", the description reads. "And the borough where his journey began."

There is no closing date yet announced for the exhibition, which is free and open to the public, but it is advertised as temporary. 

Ahead of The Book of Hov's opening, Brooklyn Public Library displayed Jay-Z lyrics all over the face of the historic building. See photos below. 

Pitchfork visited the exhibition for a detailed account — read that here. Pitchfork notes that Jay-Z's Barclays Center business partner, real estate developer Bruce Ratner, is married to the the CEO and president of the Brooklyn Public Library, Linda D. Johnson.  

In April, Jay-Z released ‘New York (Concept de Paris)’, a mash-up of 2009 single 'Empire State of Mind' with Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘New York Is Killing Me’.

In January 2022, Jay-Z was joined Meek Mill, Big Sean and more rappers on a campaign to challenge the use of rap lyrics in criminal trials.  

Last summer, the Brooklyn Public Library opened a dedicated vinyl section with listening stations. 

Explore the online version of the archival exhibition via The Book of Hov website.