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April Clare Welsh
27 September 2023, 12:52

Joy Orbison shares sought-after early tracks in new archival release: Listen

The tracks were recorded in 2009, between his friend's bedroom studio and his parents' house

Joy Orbison

Joy Orbison aka has shared a collection of highly sought-after early tracks in a new archival release, 'archive 09-10'. Listen below. 

'archive 09-10' brings together five previously unreleased tracks, 'tentative bidding demo,' 'smother demo' 'ladywell,' 'em & aitch' and 'gr etiquette', which were recorded between his friend's bedroom studio and his parents' house around the same time as his breakthrough debut single, 'Hyph Mngo' in 2009.

“These picture were taken around the time my first single hyph mngo was released. i was a post boy for a music publisher in Soho at the time. i spent my days in the basement shirking work and planning trips to record shops," Joy Orbison recalled on Instagram

He continued: "i’m about to turn 37 and was 21 when hyph came out, i can honestly say i had no idea that would be the start of a ‘career’ that even now I still feel in the early stages of. Thank you to everyone who’s ever asked me about this music or run it up on youtube. sometimes it’s ok to look back, but keep your ears peeled for what’s coming next." Check out 'archive 09-10' via Bandcamp below.

Orbison dropped his acclaimed debut full-length still slipping vol.1 in 2021, which won Best Album at DJ Mag's Best Of British Awards 2021. In September 2022, he teamed up with Overmono for a new single on XL Recordings, 'Blind Date', their second collaboration on the label following 'Bromley / Still Moving' under the Joy Overmono alias in late 2019.

Orbison released his own 'pinky ring' track on XL in March 2022 along with singles 'red velve7” and '2M3 2U'

Last January, Orbison launched a new free party in London called Just For You.

Revisit Joy Orbison's game-changing 2009 debut 'Hyph Mngo' in this deep dive from 2019.