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Korg announce new Volca units

The Volca Drum and Volca Modular have joined the micro machine range…

Korg have introduced two new Volca units in the form of Volca Modular and Volca Drum. The Volca Drum joins the Kick and Beats as Korg's third percussion synthesizer, with an enhanced screen for editing and this time opts for fully digital architecture, with a built-in sequencer and touch keybed. 

Judging by the demos and video, the sound leans towards an FM and bitcrushed/distorted sound and given that its digital, it allows a lot more scope than the other Volca beat units. There are six different types of sound that can also be layered for extra depth and you can now sequence parameters on the unit, for more variation across the 16 steps. 

Elsewhere, Korg have also introduced the fully-analogue Volca Modular, introducing a new 'West-Coast style' modular sound to the range – they've clearly borrowed the Buchla stylings to make it even more legit. The Modular features unique micro modular ports across eight 'modules', allowing users to shape the waveform shape, envelopes, filter cutoff and more. Being modular, it seems to be capable of more varied sounds – check the video below to hear more. The Drum is set to cost $170 will the Modular will set you back $200. 

If you need something to combine your Volca range, check our video around the Korg Volca Mix