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Olivia Stock
23 May 2024, 16:50

Lauren Flax & DJ Slugo share new collaborative EP, ‘Ghetto Shh / Get Up’: Listen

“Ghetto House Music is alive and well”

Composite image of DJ Slugo in a record shop and Lauren Flax wearing a hat against a pink background

Lauren Flax and DJ Slugo have dropped a new EP, ‘Ghetto Shh / Get Up’, on Moveltraxx. Give it a listen below.

Joining forces for the first time since their collaboration on Big Dope P’s ‘Work Move Shake’, the duo deliver two 140bpm belters infused with their signature acid and ghetto house sounds. The release chases a string of excellent EPs from Detroit-born, NYC-based Flax, who is also rumoured to be working on her debut album, and the brand new solo LP, ‘55’, from ghetto house royalty, DJ Slugo.

Speaking on the collaboration, Flax told DJ Mag: “Working with Slugo has been an absolute dream, especially considering I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager driving around Detroit in my busted up Ford Escort, blasting his music being played on WJLB. If you’ve heard my productions and releases before, you can hear his influence, so it’s been great to connect and write with him.”

DJ Slugo added: “Doing this project with two people [Flax and Big Dope P] I respect in this dance world was a great experience. I love working with people who really love their craft. Trust and believe we will be making more ‘Ghetto Shh’ in the near future. Ghetto House Music is alive and well.”

The two-tracker arrives via London-via-Paris label, Moveltraxx, following recent releases from the likes of DJ Manny, GETTOBLASTER, DJ Earl and more.

‘Ghetto Shh / Get Up’ is out today. Listen to the EP below.

Laure Flax was named Underground Hero at DJ Mag’s Best of North America awards in 2022, followed shortly by a career-spanning cover interview.

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