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Christian Eede
1 December 2023, 13:21

London-based Ukrainian label ШЩЦ announces fundraising compilation and party

Profits from the compilation release will support the family of late Ukrainian musician Maksym Ostyak

London-based Ukrainian label ШЩЦ announces fundraising compilation and party

The London-based Ukrainian music label and collective ШЩЦ (otherwise known as SHSHCHTS) is to release a third edition of its ongoing compilation series.

'ШЩЦ03' takes in 20 tracks, featuring artists from Kyiv, such as Andriy Kostyukov, Ivan Skoryna and Bodya Konakov, among others. It also features a number of cuts by producers from outside Ukraine's capital city, covering other parts of the country and the globe.

The release serves as a "fundraiser dedicated to the memory of Maksym Ostyak, a cherished member of the [ШЩЦ] community," the label says. Ostyak was a musician and volunteer soldier who lost his life while defending his home country amid Russia's ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The collective hopes that the funding raised from the release can "provide financial support to Maksym's daughter, offering her a sense of hope and assistance".

To mark the release, ШЩЦ is set to put on a show in London on 9th December at The Old Church Stoke Newington, which will spotlight ambient, noise and other forms of electronic music. The showcase of music will take in associates of the collective, with funds from it also set to be directed towards Ostyak's family.

You can get 'Ш​Щ​Ц​03' on Bandcamp here.