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April Clare Welsh
13 July 2022, 15:30

LYZZA announces new mixtape, ‘MOSQUITO’, shares single: Listen

'Deserve It' features an appearance from Spanish trap sensation La Zowi 


LYZZA has announced a new mixtape, ‘MOSQUITO’, which is due to arrive on 16th September via Ninja Tune sub-label Big Dada.

The 10-track avant-pop project "is an expression of LYZZA’s experiences as a Black woman within the music industry", through which the Amsterdam-based, Brazilian-born producer and vocalist explores ideas surrounding preconceptions and social dynamics, having previously experienced feelings of being unaccepted, and that she was "taking up too much space and being too loud”, in past situations. "The way you look can bring so many preconceptions that don’t apply but you can end up playing into it without meaning to if someone talks to you in a certain way,” she said.

LYZZA also explained her thinking behind the mixtape title: "To me, a mosquito really encapsulates an uncomfortable presence in your surroundings. Although it’s such a small creature, it has such an effect on the outside world. We all know the common feelings having a mosquito in your space brings, they have a stand-out presence which I think plays into the idea of misunderstanding in current society so perfectly; everyone surely feels like the mosquito in the room sometimes."

“Because I am black and make alternative music, I identify with the disruptive and intrusive nature of a mosquito. The fact that I look the way I look, make the music I make and you know who I am means somehow I've been able to penetrate through the noise and bias.”

Check out the mixtape's first single, 'Deserve It', which features Spanish trap sensation La Zowi, via the official video below.

Leading up to the album drop, LYZZA will be posting a five-part vlog series chronicling its creation. 

'MOSQUITO' follows LYZZA's third EP, ‘Defiance’ (2019).

Influential UK-based label, Big Dada, relaunched in February 2021 as a platform for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists.