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Olivia Stock
21 June 2023, 13:19

LYZZA shares video for new single, ‘MK Ultrasound’: Watch

The track invites listeners to “connect with their inner selves in a world brimming with numbers, fake news, and paranoia”

Photo of LYZZA lying on her side wearing a brown outfit and brown boots

LYZZA has released a brand new single, ‘MK Ultrasound’, via her eponymous CLUB LYZZA imprint.

The track – described as an “electric clash of intuition and pop-punk energy” – follows up LYZZA’s 2022 mixtape, ‘MOSQUITO’, released via Ninja Tune’s sister label, Big Dada. In addition to the new single, LYZZA has also shared a video for the song, which you can watch below.

Originally slated for the album, ‘MK Ultrasound’ found a life of its own after the Brazilian-born producer joined the sound design team for upcoming PC video game and interactive art exhibition, Third World: The Bottom Dimension. Working together with London’s Serpentine Gallery and visual artist Gabriel Massan, she incorporated the game’s lead melody on ‘MK Ultrasound’, which she will perform live at the London exhibition on 21st July.

Writing about the track on Instagram, LYZZA shared: “I started writing MK Ultrasound nearly 2 years ago trying to figure out why I was feeling so estranged and dealing with themes I was working through on my MOSQUITO mixtape. I found myself tapping into a feeling of anger whilst writing this, which was an unknown territory for me — usually I'm not as direct.”

“This song is about me exploring how that feeling of not being sure about what we hear and see is real and fake, and how in a way I’ve had to let go of pre-existing beliefs and codes and trust my intuition more. Find trust in myself that I am not going insane,” she continued.

Since the release of her debut EP ‘Powerplay’ in 2017, LYZZA has been carving out her own blueprint in the music industry while creating safe and inclusive spaces for her community of “Lyzzards”. Next month, she is set to perform at InterMission festival alongside Shy One, Tash LC, Hagan, and more, before heading to Italy for Opera Festival with D. TiffanyErika de Casier, and DMX Krew.

Watch the video for ‘MK Ultrasound’ below.