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Maschine finally gets real-time timestretching: Watch

NI tease new features in YouTube video…

Maschine is finally getting real-time timestretching of loops in a new update coming December. In a video posted on their YouTube channel, Native Instruments teased the new update and although real-time timestretching is the main event, other features like loop hot-swapping, allowing you to switch out the loop you’re playing and drop in another all without missing a beat.

A new Gate mode means that pressing a pad chromatically plays that part of the loop until the pad is lifted, and the loop continues to play ‘underneath’ similar to Slip mode on the CDJ. There’s even a MIDI note printed on top of the loop to show you were you are relative to the chromatic keyboard.

It means loops become instruments in themselves, and can be manipulated quickly and easily. Head to the NI blog for the full lowdown on the update and if you’re still eyeing up the new Maschine mk3 hardware, read our rundown on what’s new here. Alternatively if you’re holding out for Live 10, get in the know with our news piece here.