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MasterSounds launch new two-channel rotary mixer

The new Radius TWO VALVE is based on their popular Radius 4V mixer…

MasterSounds have announced a new two-channel rotary mixer called Radius TWO VALVE. The compact mixer features a three-band EQ on both channels, as well as a master isolator EQ. Each channel has an aux send and a valve in its signal chain and there's an assignable crossfader and the usual booth, master and headphone controls.  

Leading designer, Andy Rigby-Jones said: “The valves’ high input impedance minimises loading on the preceding stages but provides low output impedance to drive the VCAs, whilst natural compression smooths and warms harsh transients. Careful circuit design around the valves minimises noise and distortion."

The mixer will cost £1,495 and is available now. Find out more about the bigger Radius 4V here