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Marissa Cetin
23 August 2022, 18:22

Mexico City’s Aire Libre independent radio station shuts down

Director Jose Álvarez announced the closure on Sunday, 21st August, the online station's last day of programming

Mexico City’s Aire Libre independent radio station shuts down

Aire Libre is shutting down after four years, its director announced over the weekend.

The Mexico City-based independent online radio station shared a statement by Jose Álvarez on Sunday, 21st August, which was the last day of programming. Álvarez did not cite a reason for closing down the station, and reflected on its coverage and team's efforts over its run.

The director highlights the ways the Aire Libre team worked to make a "better, fairer, more tolerant, more diverse world, always fighting for difference, with the purpose to achieve a fuller and more joyful existence, guaranteeing the creation of content that nourishes the mind and the heart," according to a translation via Resident Advisor.

Álvarez also shouts out the people involved in its wide-range of broadcasting, including LGBT+ and feminist organisers (Jennifer Cardini recently hosted a month-long residency around International Women's Day) and other activists, chefs, writers, architects, journalists, politicians and of course, artists and musicians. He closes by hinting at a potential "next" iteration of Aire Libre.

Aire Libre launched in 2018 as a FM station (it transitioned to exclusively online broadcasts last year) and mobile studio in an Airstream trailer. Its mission statement was to "boost the transformation of radio throughout the country" and "open doors to both emerging and established artists and musicians".

Read Air Libre's statement in full via Instagram.

Photo credit: Facebook