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Midland shares new mix as free download: LISTEN

The UK hero goes ambient... 

Midland, whose 'Fabriclive 94' release made our Top 10 Compilations of 2017 list, has shared a new mix, and better yet he's enabled downloads so you can take it home for keeps. 

Entitled 'As The City Sleeps', the hour-long effort is a beautifully lush journey into opiate soundscapes that's pretty much the perfect wakeup for anyone struggling with January's cold mornings. 

"I’ve been thinking about a concept for a mix titled 'As The City Sleeps” for some time," Midland notes on his SoundCloud page, where the work can be found. "Soundtracking one of my favourite times of day, between 4-5am, the witching hour, when you fall in love, spend time getting to know the things about your friends you never knew and when towns and cities feel like your own."

The inspiration apparently came from his score for Monolithic Installation at Bristol's Motion, which also hosted one of the UK's best New Year's Day 2018 parties. A straggering 5,376 suspended LEDs were used for Monolithic to create an immersive and hallucinatory experience, hence the nature of the tracks on here.

Amongst others they include the stunning (and fantastically titled) 'Brexit Music For A Film', taken from the Stone Soup EP by Swedish ambient maestro Body In The Thames, 'Answers Me' from legendary American experimental composer Arthur Russell, and Djrum's gorgeous, beatless piano workout, 'Projection'. Perfect for sore heads, here's the finished product.