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This minimal disc turntable can play records vertically

The Wheel player also features a hidden stylus...

A new Kickstarter-funded turntable using a special minimal design is in the works.

Created by Dutch developers Miniot, the Wheel record player is quite simply "just a wheel", utilising a stylus hidden within the base to play vinyls without obstructing the view of the disc.

The clever design also means the delicate needle is protected from damage or dust, and perhaps most interestingly, enables the record to be played vertically!

The Wheel uses a custom AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, which can't be changed by the user, along with replaceable styli which can be ordered as and when needed, and can use both wired and wireless connections to transmit audio.

Miniot orginally set up a Kickstarter with a target of €50,000 to fund the project, and with 17 days to go have already received over €90,000 in donations.

Check out picture of the system below and to watch footage of the Wheel and learn more, head here.