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Moodymann sells new EP at a barbecue in Detroit

It was also available for sale at select local record shops during Movement Weekend...

Moodymann has released a new double-pack titled Sinner.

The record was available for sale in Detroit over the weekend during Movement Festival. Copies were sold by the DJ and producer for $10 at a barbecue that he hosted in Detroit on Sunday. There were also some copies available for purchase at a few record shops around Detroit.

The opening track, 'I'll Provide', has been posted online and can be heard below. The five-track double-pack, which has been released via Moodymann's own KDJ label, is not yet available to buy online.

In January, Moodymann shared an Instagram video depicting police arresting him at gunpoint on his own property. An unreleased album of his sold on Discogs for more than $500 earlier this year also.