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Moog announce new $849 synth with Flying Lotus

The Subsequent 25 is designed to replace the Sub Phatty

Moog have announced a new synth the Subsequent 25. The new synth is announced alongside a collaboration with Flying Lotus who composed the soundtrack for a new video 'Building Your World'. The 25 replaces the Sub Phatty, which was also announced with the Brainfeeder boss back in 2013. The two-note polyphonic synth appropriately features 25 keys, a new more ‘playable’ keybed, a redesigned multi-drive circuit and a “reshaped gain staging in the Ladder Filter to boost harmonic saturation and analogue compression, resulting in an overall richer low end.” 

Watch the new video announcement below, created with graphic designer Julian House and scored by Flying Lotus. The Subsequent 25 will cost $849.