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NASA launches radio show with Jeff Mills exploring astrophysics and contemporary music

“The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost..."

NASA has announced that it has teamed up with techno legend Jeff Mills and London radio station NTS for a six-part radio series titled ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’.

The program will focus on exploring intergalactic theories, parallel realities and the intricacies of time and space while showcasing Jeff Mills' love of sco-fi-inspired electronic music.

‘The Outer Limits’, named after a science fiction TV series in the 1960s, is yet another opportunity for me to explore the unknown through music and fantastical storytelling,” said Mills on the program’s announcement.

“The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost. This is something that I believe each and every one of us needs more of.

"These episodes will be told in an uncompromising manner, constructed in ways conventional radio dares not explore. ‘The Outer Limits’ is informative, providing useful information, but in a never before seen format.”

Throughout the series, Jeff Mills will be joined by experts and world renowned guest musicians to help the techno producer present his curated topics.

Mills is hoping that the new mini series will open up a new generation to the wonders of astrophysics.

The first chapter of the radio program will explore the bizarre properties of black holes and is set to air on Wednesday 17th January at 2 pm GMT.

The following five episodes are set to occur throughout the year with the last episode airing on 28th December.

To find out more, head here.