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New Ableton sampler lets you create micro-loops from one sample: Watch

Iota by Dillon Bastan is a new Max for Live instrument

A new Ableton sampler lets you create lots of tiny loops from one sample using a creative new instrument from Dillon Bastan. The Iota uses granular synthesis technology to loop tiny fragments of a sound, resulting in unique and warped sounds and FX.

The graphical interface lets you intuitively select multiple regions of a sample, with each one defining the length and frequency of the sound. Larger loops can also be created to generate your own warped instruments and soundscapes. It’s also designed to integrate perfectly with Push.

If that all sounds intriguing, at €29, Iota is cheap enough to take a punt on for the more experimental producer. More experimental Ableton tools include a new PacMan inspired ‘game’ and a VR headset app for grabbing hold of your Live sets.