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Turn Ableton Live into classic arcade games to make music: Watch

New Max4Live devices mimic retro computer games


Turn Ableton Live into a classic arcade game with new Max4Live devices from Isotonik. The Arcade Series recreates arcade classics like Frogger, Astroids, Space Invaders and Pacman (as previously reported) into four different types of sequencers for idea generation and music-making fun.

The sequencers also integrate with controllers like Push, Maschine Jam and Novation Launchpad, allowing the user to control the devices just like the old-skool games. Controllers aren’t required to control the new devices – you can use an equally old-skool keyboard and mouse too. At £25 for all four devices, it’s a cheap and very cheerful way to get some fun into your Live session. Watch the Arkanoid device in action below. 

Live has always been known for more esoteric tools for music-making, including this brand new VR headset controller from AliveinVR.