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This new app turns DJ mixes into Spotify and Apple Music playlists

The web app is called Playlistify

A web app has been developed that turns tracklists into playlists on streaming services.

In a post on Reddit, a user named iAligator shared details of the app they had developed entitled Playlistify. Compatible with both Apple Music and Spotify, the app allows the use of tracklists from,, and

The URL for the tracks can be entered at, where a custom playlist will be generated and sent to users' personal Apple Music or Spotify account. 

Read more about the app on the original Reddit post here.

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new app called Aux. Currently in beta and only available in Canada, the new app is the first creation of Facebook's new experimental NPE team, and works by users adding songs to the app, which are then up-voted Reddit-style with 'claps'. 

In October this year, Spotify shared a letter with their shareholders containing user data, revealing that their paid subscribers had reached 113 million