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April Clare Welsh
13 May 2022, 11:34

New book Acid House As It Happened captures the rise of the UK rave scene

From car park raves to the first acid nights at Future and Shoom

Acid house as it happened

A new photobook capturing the rise of the UK rave scene has been published by IDEA.

Compiled by photographer and journalist Dave Swindells, Acid House As It Happened lends its focus to 1988, aka the second summer of love, and shines a light on some of the movement's main parties and nightspots, from the legendary Shoom to raves in bus depots and car parks.

With an introduction by Sheryl Garrett, the book promises to be "the definitive unofficial visual history of 1988". It follows the publication of Dave Swindells' previous book, Ibiza ’89, also published by IDEA. Pick up a copy of Acid House As It Happened from the IDEA site.

Earlier this year, an acid house rave VR experience with a 1989-theme was unveiled as part of the City of Culture programme for Coventry, England.

Read about the trailblazing legacy of the UK's '90s free party hedonists, DiY Sound System.