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This new effects box makes your tracks sound like Stranger Things

The Hypnosis from Dreadbox is an ’80s-inspired hardware effects unit…

A new hardware effects unit from Dreadbox can make your tracks sound like Stranger Things. The Hypnosis – available summer 2019 at a price of €499 – is an ’80s-inspired effects box with spring reverb, chorus/flanger, a "Unique pitch modulation circuit" and a digital stereo delay with a 'Freeze' function. The chorus/flanger and spring reverb also feature LFO modulation options. There's also up to 49 presets and variable input and output levels. 

Labelled a 'Time Effects Processor', the Hypnosis sounds a lot like a throwback delay and chorus unit such as the Roland Space Echo, Roland Juno-series chorus effect and MXR flanger, all popular throughout the decade and beyond. Have a listen to how it sounds in the video below. If you're after more retro-inspired sounds check Arturia's latest V Collection