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New Mr. Fingers remix series to feature Call Super, Kode9, more

The three-part remix series of 'Cerebral Hemispheres' also features Joey Anderson and Upsammy…

Mr. Fingers has announced a three-part remix series for his recent LP ‘Cerebral Hemispheres’.

The Chicago house legend – AKA Larry Heard – released his first album under his Mr. Fingers monicker in 24 years this April. Now, a selection of artists have been enlisted to remix tracks from the album in a three-part series set for release in October via Alleviated Records.

The first part of the series finds Call Super and Duplex remix ‘Crying For You’ as well as a re-work of ‘Praise To The Vibes’ from Rodaidh McDonald.

Part two features remixes from Kode9, Joey Anderson and Upsammy while part three finds Aleksi Perälä reimagining ‘Inner Acid’ and ‘Outer Acid’.

You can listen to preview clips from the remix series here.

Larry Heard will make his Berghain debut this week (19th September) as he brings his live show to the first edition of Bring Down The Walls, a new party curated by Panorama Bar resident Tama Sumo and Lakuti.


Praise To The Vibes / Crying Over You Remixes
01. Praise To The Vibes (Rodaidh McDonald Remix)
02. Crying Over You (Call Super's Lonely Mix)
03. Praise To The Vibes (Mr. Fingers Extended Version)
04. Crying Over You (Duplex Remix)

Cerebral Hemispheres Remixes

01. Outer Acid (Mr. Fingers Remix)
02. Electron (Joey Anderson Remix)
03. Spy (Kode9 Remix)
04. Outer Acid (Upsammy Hearing Voices Remix)

Inner / Outer Acid - Aleksi Perälä Remixes
01. Inner Acid (Aleksi Perälä Mix)
02. Outer Acid (Aleksi Perälä Mix)