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This new record stand is made out of recycled skateboards

Combined with 70 vinyl records, it makes a "perfect cube"...

A Dutch design studio have unveiled details of a new vinyl storage cube made from 34 thrashed skateboard decks.

The latest in their Rip&Recycle range, Focused's DecKube will allow buyers to store up to 70 records in a cube composed of recycled boards.

The company - who collected the decks from stores across Europe - said, "No matter how old a skateboard deck is, the seven veneers of that deck are still full of life and should not be lost. Together with skateshops and parks we collect old skateboards and skateboard waste and give it a new destination.”

Resting on a frame that keeps the cube hovering slightly above the floor, the holder is shaped to the size of an LP record cover. Once filled, it reportedly makes a "perfect cube".

Priced at €1,399,00 each, you can pick up a unique piece here.

It was recently confirmed that vinyl sales are even higher than industry figures suggest. 

Back in June, Australia's largest known record collection went up for sale. 

In January, it was revealed that new record pressing plants opened on five continents in 2017.