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New sound therapy app, T-Minus, to help people with tinnitus

 Eats Everything and Carl Craig are among the dance music heads who suffer from the hearing condition

A new sound therapy app, T-Minus, has been launched on Apple's App Store to help people who suffer from tinnitus. 

The condition currently affects 1 in 8 people in the UK alone, with the likes of Eats Everything, Carl Craig and Bicep's Matt McBriar among the high profile dance music names with the hearing condition. 

Defined by a persistent internal noise often described as a humming, whistling or whooshing sound, due to the highly intrusive nature it has been linked with mental health issues and sleep deprivationa. A lack of medical research means many struggle to find any relief, and there is currently no scientifically validated cure. However, last year the University of Arizona announced a major breakthrough in the development of a pill that could offer an answer, although this is still in the early stages. 

T-Minus works to alleviate symptoms by offering users a sound therapy library created with long-term use in mind. Audio and masking controls can be personalised to individual experiences, with frequencies designed to combat the full spectrum of associated noises. 

This is supplemented by daily news and links related to tinnitus, advice on managing the condition and inspirational quotes. A comprehensive, curated FAQ section is available to answer the most common queries from the perspective of audiologists and ear consultants. 

Read our feature on hearing damage, A DJs Guide to Preventing Tinnitus, for tips on how to better protect yourself, or you can grab the T-Minus app here.