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This new synth uses real motors to create unique tones

MOTOR Synth from Gamechanger Audio was unveiled at Super Booth 2019...

A new synth from Gamechanger Audio uses real electric motors to generate and manipulate sounds. The MOTOR synth uses digitally controller motors to replace what would be oscillators, with four-note polyphony, two voices per motor. Each motor is equipped with a pickup that amplifies the natural electromagnetic field that's emitted from the motors. Waveshapes are created using reflective and absorbent plates on each motor to mimic traditional waveforms. 

The audio can be shaped with the usual envelopes found on subtractive synths and there's also a rudimentary keyboard and sequencer/arp. Elsewhere there's a filter with multiple types and modulation effects to add more character to the sound. The synth has already well surpassed its goal on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo with $231,740 pledged so far. You can hear the synth in action below and follow the link here to pre-order starting at $899. 

If quirky synths are your thing but you're not keen on dropping almost a grand, the new Teenage Engineering synth is a collaboration with the creators of TV show Rick and Morty