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Charlotte Krol
27 June 2023, 14:14

New vinyl-only hi-fi audio bar, Jazu, opens in Peckham

Vinyl-only DJs will play regularly at the the new space in south east London

Signage for Jazu venue in Peckham

A new venue where punters can hear DJs play vinyl on hi-fi speakers has opened in Peckham, London.

Jazu, which is located inside Market Peckham on Rye Lane, launched with a weekend roster of vinyl DJs between 16th and 18th June. It previously operated as a pop-up in Shoreditch before moving to Camberwell for six months in 2022.

The venue will open to serve coffee from 8am before operating as a cocktail and music bar in the evenings.

A post on Jazu’s Instagram account reads: “At Jazu, we’re using a vintage aesthetic with modern components. Solid wood speaker cabinets, a solid Elm Horn and state of the art drivers will give us a clear, full, un-compromised sound – with the room being able to talk freely about clay throwing, scoby growing and sourdoughing.

“A retro futuristic approach – we’re magpieing from the past and copy and pasting from the future – into the present.”

In another post, Jazu staff wrote: “We’re a cocktail bar that prides itself on proper cocktails. Good and lesser used spirits are our focus! We love music and think it should be presented clearly. We’re not high end audiophile geeks or by any means an austere listening bar. We’re simply inspired by these great things.”

It follows other bars wishing to amplify vintage gear and retro-modern aesthetics opening in recent years, including the nearby Jumbi, which was granted a 2AM license following a public petition earlier this month. 

In 2020, a new listening bar called Good Bar opened in Brooklyn, New York. The project is aimed squarely at audiophiles, with a vintage Thorens TD 160 turntable and Klipsch Heresy III speakers featuring inside the venue.

In November last year, the electronic music-focused venue Virgo opened on the city's Lower East Side, while a new club in the Bowery district of Manhattan opened for dance music heads earlier this year.