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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
15 June 2023, 17:48

South London listening bar, Jumbi, granted 2AM licence following petition

Jumbi late license

South London bar Jumbi has been granted a 2AM license following a public petition. 

Founded by Nathanael Williams and Rhythm Section's Bradley Zero in July 2022, the space boasts a large selection of records from the latter's own collection, which visiting artists are encouraged to use in their sets. The venue features a Rogers LS and Tannoy sound system and a single turntable. In December, the team announced they were looking to secure a later closing time, which has now been granted by Southwark Council with immediate effect. 

"Thanks to the thousands of you who petitioned the council, our legal team, staff and the councillors at Southwark for recognising what we do and what it brings to our beloved Peckham," the team wrote on Instagram. "These two extra hours may not seem like much but they make ALL the difference—safeguarding our future in the area and allowing us the freedom to experiment, push things forward and give more back."

In the coming weeks, Jumbi will host Ben Gomori and Laura Shelley (16/6), a Greensleeves Hi-Fi special with Keith Lawrence, Oxman and Adam Prescott (24/6), and Foundation.FM residents (29/6). For full details, head to the venue's Instagram page