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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
10 March 2022, 13:04

This nightclub is selling its infamous sticky old carpet for charity

Halifax's longest-running dancefloor — The Acapulco — is getting a new look, and offering punters a chance to own sections of its history

The Acapulco Halifax

A nightclub in England is selling its notoriously sticky, decades-old carpet to raise money for charity. 

The Acapulco — known to regulars as The Acca — is the longest-running nightlife spot in the mid-sized West Yorkshire town of Halifax, first opening its doors to punters in 1961. 20 years ago, the venue updated its look, introducing a distinctive carpet made by a local firm, which wouldn't look out of place in 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'. 

The flooring remained in place until this year, when a customer celebrating a birthday at the address with mother and grandmother in tow — both of who were frequent club attendees in their younger years — joked about selling the item in a bid to help a good cause. 

The Acca's owner, Simon Jackson, has now taken the idea to heart, announcing plans to sell off squares of the carpet at £5 each after the suggestion garnered expressions of interest. Buyers also have the option to pay £50 for a sanitary version complete with frame. All proceeds go to the Street Angels town centre safety organisation. 

"We got to thinking how many people have met here and had first kisses, birthdays whatever here, that's when we got the idea," Jackson told BBC News, which reports a rumour exists that at least one person's ashes have been scattered on the carpet. "Just think how many people have walked on its famous, crazy pattern.

"We are one of a few clubs that have survived lockdown and with being the oldest Acapulco in the country, and family-owned, we feel more responsible to keep it going", he continued. "The building is not the prettiest of places but it holds so many memories, it's not a trendy place just somewhere to party and forget your worries."