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Charlotte Krol
6 November 2023, 12:32

Omar-S accused of physical assault against former collaborator, Supercoolwicked

The producer has denied the claims and in turn alleged that he was attacked

Omar-S poses in a brown hoodie in front of a graffitied brick wall

Content warning: this story contains information relating to violence and physical assault

Omar-S has been accused of physically assaulting the artist and singer Supercoolwicked at Detroit record store and bar Paramita Sound.

The electronic music producer, who previously worked with Supercoolwicked, allegedly smashed a glass on the artist’s head in an altercation over royalties. Omar-S has denied Supercoolwicked’s claims, alleging that he was the victim of physical abuse by her hand.

Detroit singer-songwriter Supercoolwicked, real name Morgan Hutson, posted images to her X and Instagram accounts yesterday (5th November) that show cuts to her face and left ear, which she claims were from the attack.

Hutson has alleged that she is owed more than $10,000 in royalties and sales that have been due for more than a year, from music including her 2021 collaborative single with Omar-S, ‘What’s Good For The Goose’, among others.

Hutson has claimed that on Saturday night (4th November) she “confronted” Omar-S over the alleged unpaid money, which led to him physically assaulting her.

“He responded with ‘FUCK YOU BITCH’ and proceeded to physically assault me including SMASHING A GLASS ONTO MY HEAD,” she detailed in her Instagram post.

“It took THREE men to pull this GROWN MAN off of me while he pulled my hair,” she continued. “This was done in public with no concern of who saw, and many did. I am in shock, still processing, and taking the necessary legal steps.

“I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DRE, the owner of Paramita Sound, and others for protecting me during this assault. I am proud that I advocated for myself as a woman in this industry while being disturbed that I am the subject of another story of a man in power abusing a woman for demanding what is rightfully hers. Omar-S is a threat to this community.”

Omar-S, real name Alex Omar Smith, responded to Supercoolwicked's claims with his own statement, denying the alleged assault. He wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of a large swelling on his forehead: “I am offended and hurt by the lies and salacious attacks to my character.” Another image shows him getting an MRI scan.

He added that “for her to say that I attacked her [is] pure and utter fabrication”. He has alleged that it was instead ​Hutson who​ launched a “vicious attack”.

He wrote: “As an artist who knows the unfairness in this industry, I have always tried to be fair and honest. If someone believes that I owe them something, I have always been open to talking about it. If that doesn't work, I will refer them to my lawyer, Todd Russell Perkins. I truly believe that as a fellow artist, I have always tried to do right by those whom I have had the pleasure to work with.”

He didn’t refer to the purported royalties mentioned by Supercoolwicked, nor deny that she was owed money.

The Detroit producer added that he is calling on witnesses “to speak the truth!!!” about the incident and will also rely on video surveillance along with his medical records to provide supporting evidence.

Yesterday, 5th November, Paramita Sound shared a statement in support of Hutson, which said: "The violence inflicted on our sister, Morgan, was disgusting and unacceptable. To have someone who is our family, who is such a huge part of the community, be physically assaulted in our space has left us deeply affected."

The statement continued: "We do not tolerate aggression of violence in any capacity. We will always intervene when anyone in our space is in harm's way, just as we did during the assault on Morgan Saturday night at the hands of Alex Omar Smith, more commonly known as Omar S. We will no longer conduct business with Omar S + FXHE from this date onwards. Nor is he welcome in our space."

Read Paramita's full statement, and those of both artists, below. 

This is a developing story.