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Paris club Concrete’s former space to be turned into bar

Le Mazette is aimed at those "who find that bars close too early and clubs too late"

The barge that Paris club Concrete called home until it was forced to close last year is being turned into a new bar.

Le Mazette, which is scheduled to open on Friday, March 13th, is aimed at a "family" audience "who find that bars close too early and clubs too late, venue founder Olivia Schorestene told Trax Magazine.

The opening weekend will see John Gómez DJ alongside representatives of Berlin's Habibi Funk label.

Concrete occupied the barge, which can be found on the Seine river at 69 Port de la Râpée, from 2012 until July 2019 when it was forced to close following a dispute with the barge's owners. That same month, the team behind Concrete opened a new temporary club, Dehors Brut, in Paris which is still open.

Concrete founder Brice Coudert reacted to news of Le Mazette's opening on Twitter, describing it as a "tasteless cocktail bar/club". He also called upon DJs and bookers not to do business with the new venue.