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Petition launched to save Paris club Concrete from forced closure

The club could be evicted from the barge it currently calls home...

A petition has been launched to help save much-loved Paris club Concrete which is facing possible closure.

The club is locked in a dispute with the company that runs the barge on which it is housed, with the company having refused to renew Concrete's contract at the start of this year, later going on to ask the venue to leave. A 15-day eviction notice was issued to the club on February 11th.

Later last year, the team behind Concrete were close to purchasing the barge themselves but the deal unfortunately fell through. 

Frédéric Hocquard, Paris's deputy mayor, is one of Concrete's most high-profile supporters. He describes it as "one of the main clubs that animates and really lights up Parisian nightlife".

He continues: "In just a few years, this place has become one of the hearts of techno music and the revival of Paris nightlife. This heart must not stop beating."

Concrete has been open since 2012, and currently has events planned into June. In order to support the petition to keep it open, head here.

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