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Weird pop collective goes major label

Many people saw it coming, but the internet label on everyone’s lips— a source of glossy, skewed pop hits (and for some, irritation) has just announced its signing to Columbia Records.

The (very PC Music) statement that the art-pop collective has posted on Facebook reads: “A new, perfect breed of major label. A new, highly advanced pop weapon. We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Columbia Records, a truly ancient industry legend.”

The first release is to come from “old friend and music business heartthrob” Danny L Harle in the form of his ‘Broken Flowers’ EP on the 20th November, which will launch at a special PC event at XOYO on November 18th. Check out ‘Forever’, which will appear on the release, below:

“Concurrent to this development we will continue to enforce a fast paced production line of laplanders and lifestyles, sups and secret mixes, wannabes, warlords and Western beats”, the statement continues. “A multi-tier attack exposing the radical DNA of chart music, and the heart and soul behind every lab creation.”

Read the entire post on the PC Music Facebook page.