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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
29 September 2022, 15:20

Peach launches new label, Psychic Readings, with ‘Fortune One’ EP

Listen to 'Eclipse' now

Peach by Marta Michalak

Peach is launching a label, Psychic Readings. The first EP on the imprint, 'Fortune One', will be released on 26th October. You can listen to the first track, 'Eclipse', below. 

The idea for the new label was inspired by a promising tarot reading that the London-based, Canadian artist had in New York City; it will now act as a home for all of her forthcoming studio experiments. Following on from her debut EP, 'Galaxy Girl', which was released on Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy's Peach Discs in November last year, the two tracks on 'Fortune One' encompass the same playful and punchy energy of her DJ sets, with flourishes of acid, blissful synth and '90s club nostalgia. 

Speaking about the release, Peach said: “This sounds like me being the most authentic version of myself yet. I feel connected to these tracks because they represent the beginning of being able to translate my ideas from inside of my head and my heart. This has been a process which has taken me years to feel confident in, and I finally feel a stronger connection between what goes on in my head and what comes out of my speakers. 

“Once I wrote these tracks, I realised the inherent need for them to have a space of their own — I wanted a home for my music which I had full autonomy over, " she added. "The vision I had for the label was inspired by other producers who had self-released their work while infusing a fun and camp-y concept. Once I had solidified the concept for Psychic Readings, everything else came to be very quickly - the sound being what I feel like is most genuinely 'Peach' at that time, the art being inspired by the mysticism of astrology and clairvoyant aesthetics, and the overall feeling of the label being cheeky and fun.”

If fans are interested in getting their own free psychic reading, they can phone +442081572195 to reach Ms Cooky, the namesake of the EP's B-Side, 

Pre-order 'Fortune One' here, and check out the artwork below.