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Propellerhead announce Reason 10

The legendary DAW reaches its tenth version

Propellerhead have announced the latest update to the classic DAW Reason. Version 10 sees some new instruments added as well as a huge sample collection licensed from Sample Magic. Europa is a new ‘shape-shifting’ instrument, incorporating wavetable technology and adding tonnes of modulation options for silky analogue-style bass and biting digital bells.

Grain Sample Manipulator allows you to manipulate samples and loops using granular synthesis while Klang, Pangea and Humana add tuned percussion, world instruments and vocals tio Reason’s sonic palette. 

Elsewhere, Propellerhead have licensed in multi-gigabyte sample collection from leading sound design company Sample Magic including classic drum machines and futuristic RnB, pop and synthwave sounds. Find out more in the video below. Reason 10 is available as beta for owners or Reason 9 and will be available in full in October. Still not sure what DAW to settle on? Apple recently updated Logic Pro X, while Korg's new Gadget app reminds us of the old days of Reason, so both are worth investigating.