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Marissa Cetin
14 September 2022, 16:36

PXSSY PALACE’s Overflo festival postponed due to the Queen’s funeral

Southwark Council has withdrawn the festival's permission to run this Sunday, 18th September, one day before the Queen's state funeral

PXSSY PALACE’s Overflo festival postponed due to the Queen’s funeral

PXSSY PALACE have postponed their debut festival due to the Queen's funeral.

The first edition of Overflo was set to take place this Sunday, 18th September, at Burgess Park in southeast London. Now that Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral will be held on Monday, 19th September, PXSSY PALACE are "devastated" to announce that Overflo will not be going ahead this weekend as Southwark Council has revoked permission for the festival on the planned day. "We tried to fight it as much as possible, but the powers that be have had the last word," they wrote on Instagram.

"Both Southwark Council and ourselves have looked at every avenue to ensure the event can go ahead, however, for the reasons outlined below, Southwark Council will not permit them to at this time," PXSSY PALACE said in a press statement. 

PXSSY PALACE then explained the circumstances that have led to some upcoming events being cancelled while others are going ahead, as "every event will have a different landowner and local authority involved in planning and the location of the event will play a big part in decisions." Recent announcements include Hackney Council cancelling Hackney Carnival this past weekend, and Boiler Room London's Saturday event, also in Southwark, being postponed. However in Hounslow, Waterworks Festival is allowed to run this weekend.

"Southwark Council are the landowner of Burgess Park and therefore have the ability to cancel the event for reasons of reputation and also for public safety," their statement said. "Whilst we do have our own resources that are paid for by the event, all events in Southwark have to work closely with the authorities who give resource to the events to ensure protection of the event locally. They need to be reassured that in the event of an incident occurring at the event there is enough police resource and ambulance resource to deal with this and unfortunately all resource is being drafted in to support with the Queen’s funeral and advance planning."

PXSSY PALACE said they are working with Southwark Council and Burgess Park to find a new date for Overflo and will share any new information "in the coming weeks".

Overflo's debut line-up featured the likes of Ms Banks, Crystallmess, Bbymutha, Ojerime, Lady Phyll and LSDXOXO back-to-back with TYGAPAW, among others. 

Read PXSSY PALACE's statement on Instagram.

Photo credit: Confused Culture