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April Clare Welsh
10 June 2022, 14:42

Queer House Party collective releases new fundraising compilation for refugees in Calais

Packed full of "queer club bangers" from the likes of I. Jordan, Queer House Party's own passer and more

Queer House Party

The award-winning Queer House Party collective has released a new fundraising compilation for refugees in Calais.

The eight-track 'Now That's What I Call QHP' compilation features "queer club bangers" from the likes of I. Jordan, Ms. G, Fiyahdred, Queer House Party's own passer and more. Funds raised will go to Calais Appeal, a joint fundraising platform for seven grassroots aid groups in Calais providing food, clothing, and shelter for thousands of people. 

"We’re so excited to have the privilege of working with some of our favourite queer and trans producers for this fundraiser EP, which represents a huge step for us in taking up space on the dance music scene as an independent, grassroots DIY collective," they said.

Check out the compilation and pick up a copy below.

Queer House Party formed in 2020 and comprises support workers, homeless shelter workers, domestic violence workers, community organisers. "We are queer, many of us trans, and many of us working class - together we are a party, but we are also fighting every day for a world we want to live in!" they wrote. In January, the collective raised over 2.5K for Calais Appeal.

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