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Ravers treated for hypothermia at French hardcore event

30 people were treated at Teknival festival following severe unexpected snowfall...

30 ravers had to be treated for hypothermia this past weekend at France’s Teknival festival.

Taking place in Creuse, the free and unauthorised hardcore/hardstyle festival was attended by over 10,000 ravers for its annual French edition from 4th - 5th May. However, unexpected snowfall saw temperatures plummet to -3 degrees Celsius on Saturday night, leaving ravers at risk.

The festival’s organisers reportedly set up a heating tent provided by the military to keep attendees safe before the Red Cross could arrive, after which 500 survival blankets were handed out. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, though two attendees had to visit hospital as a result of hypothermia, local officials told AFP.

Teknival has been running for 26 years, with various incarnations of the event taking place throughout Europe but returning to France every year for its main edition. The location of the festival is only revealed to attendees immediately ahead of kick-off in an attempt to ensure no interference prevents it from taking place.

Upon noticing the arrival of thousands of revelers ahead of the event, local authorities, under the instruction of Mayor Nathalie Peyrat of Creuse’s Féniers commune, had made attempts to put a stop to proceedings. Trucks carrying soundsystems were stopped but the festival continued in earnest before several centimetres of snow but an end to things.

According to a report in La Parisien, by Monday morning roughly 600 “diehards” were left on site of the original 10,000 attendees. You can see some official footage from the festival below. 

The French military, who own the site the rave was held on, have reportedly filed an official complaint to the organisers.

Last year, to celebrate its 25th birthday, Teknival took place in an old military base in northern France. Organisers were accused of disturbing wildlife and the local environment by conservationists.